Our Objectives and Actions

Promote and educate about environmental Issues, clean up’s and the importance of environmental preservation

At ESA, we strongly believe that the Himalayan Environment is in need of protection. Our Association is proposing several clean up campaigns for Everest. The mountain has become somewhat of a dumping site for climbers waste including empty oxygen canisters, plastic and glass, old ropes climbing gear etc.

First and foremost, we believe that this revered mountain needs protection. Not only do we propose a massive cleanup in 2011 but also to build a blue print plan to stop the rubbish being left there in the first place, after all prevention is better than solution and if we can encourage and educate locals, foreigners and climbing teams to clean up after themselves and impose rules and fines then we can save massive expense in the long run on clean up campaigns, not to mention prevent further damage to this fragile environment.

The way forward for Sustainable tourism and environmentally responsible actions is through education. People have to be first educated about the problems with the environment, how their actions affect it and secondly have to be shown ways to be more responsible, to help preserve the environment for the future of us the earth.

We propose to undergo several education and awareness campaigns on environmental issues throughout the Khumbu and the Himalaya, not just aimed at mountaineers, but at the tourism industry in general.

Preserve the culture of ethnic groups in mountaineering regions

Since Hillary and Tenzing first reached the top of Everest, there have been massive advances in technology and the way that people climb, trek and travel. Of course this change in our day to day lives has also crept into even the most remote of Himalayan Regions. If unmanaged, these changes can in effect lead to the loss of our own national culture, languages custom, religious festival, dress and ultimately our identity.

To Nepal, a country with many different ethnic groups and one which, upon traditions and religion is a large part of our daily lives; it is upmost import that we preserve our own cultures and identities.

We feel strongly that it is really important to keep alive religious festivals, to teach younger generations their indigenous language and culture. Modern and traditional can go hand in hand, we just need to insure that the infrastructure is there in schools, universities and within villages that these customs and traditions don’t get lost.

Of course the preservation of our culture is also central to the expansion of tourism in Nepal. Nepalese, especially mountain culture is a huge draw card for tourists to the Himalaya.

Provide adequate training, equipment and medical back up to Nepalese climbers, Sherpa’s and Porters

When it comes to mountaineering, safety is paramount. We want to establish and oversee proper training methods in all aspects of mountaineering. Climbing Guides and Sherpa’s need to be able to get adequate training as they are not only responsible for their own lives, but the lives of the people they are leading as well.

We need to establish a regulated and certified training program for guides, Sherpa’s and porters. Also medical camps are an essential part of mountaineering. In the past, ESA has helped set up and fund numerous medical camps at Everest base camp which provide support, treatment and vitals to climbing teams.

Liaise with the government to support and defend the rights of Sherpa’s, Mountain Guides and Porters

Unless one has climbed or attempted to climb a mountain, it’s hard to know the needs of the people who do it every day. We stand to represent climbers, guides and Sherpa’s to protect their rights and also gain for them recognition with the Nepal Government.

Currently we are successfully lobbying the Government to certify experienced Everest Sherpa’s to act as Liaison Officers for climbing Expeditions in place of the normal Government appointed liaison officer with little to no knowledge of mountaineering, the needs of mountaineers or other such matters.

Common sense suggests that a Sherpa would be a much more valuable, knowledgeable and appropriated person as a Liaison officer. So far ESA has gotten 5 Sherpa’s appointed as active Liaison Officers.

We also observe areas of wages, training standards and insurance matters and interact where needed as a representative body for Sherpa’s and the Government.

Build a support network and finical aid system for the families of lost climbers and represent them to insure that get full insurance and legal entitlements due to them

The association is also dedicated to helping people who are dependent on climbing to make their livings, not just them but their families as well. Over the years many climbers, expedition staff and porters have lost their lives while climbing. ESA provides help and compensation to the climber’s families and also acts as a representative for the families with Local Government, Expedition Agencies and Foreign bodies to make sure that the correct compensation is awarded.

Promote Tourism Industry in Nepal

The tourism industry is the main source of income for many Nepalese people and indeed the largest industry within Nepal. Nepal is home to the Himalaya, and of course Mount Everest. Here you will find rich culture, varied ethnic and cultural groups, pristine wilderness, un-matched biodiversity and adventure activities aplenty to entice tourists to Nepal.

At ESA it is one of our objectives to promote this tourism industry to attract more tourists to come to Nepal for trekking, climbing and to visit our beautiful natural environment. Of course tourist promotion goes hand in hand with sustainable travel and environmental preservation, without the abundance of nature in Nepal, we would have little to promote. Therefore Promotion of sustainable, responsible tourism with minimal environmental impact is what we are aiming for.