Save Himalaya Climate & Environment

Project Overview

We would like to inform you that government and non-government organizations such as the Government of Nepal, the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Environment, etc. have organized various programs in order to draw the attention of the world community to the effects of climate change on Everest and the Himalayan region of Nepal and the biological and human impacts that may occur from it. In order to draw the attention of the world to Nepal, it is a pleasure to recall that the program under ‘Kala Patthar to Copenhagen’ under ‘Everest Cabinet Meeting and ‘Summiteers’ Summit to Save Himalayas’ was successfully completed during the tenure of the honorable former Prime Minister Mr. Madhav Kumar Nepal.

In this context, we would like to recall the role played by the Everest Summiteers Association. Under the organization of the United Nations, the World Conference under COP-15 on Climate Change was organized in Copenhagen on December 11, 2009 ‘Summiteers’ Summit to Save Himalayas’ as an additional program of the IEA and International Mountain Day. More than 35 Summiteers from Nepal and 15 famous Everest climbers from abroad, including Nepalese and foreigners, participated in peaceful procession and demonstration in Copenhagen. The Everest Summiteers Association had to work hard to make this program a success.

In the meantime Everest Summiteers Association organized a program “Saving Mount Everest 2011” during which were able to collect 8.1 tons of garbage from South col to Base Camp.

Although it was once successful in making the world focus on Nepal, it could not continue. An underdeveloped country like Nepal has many tasks to be done in mountain and environment protection. We would like to inform that the ‘Himalaya Climate & Environment Protection Program’ is being launched on 2023 under the leadership of Maya Sherpa, President of the Everest Summiteers Association, to protect the glacial rivers and mountains flowing from Nepal. To make this work a success, we have set a goal to move forward in collaboration with the Government of Nepal, and various national and international organizations.

In order to protect the Everest and Himalayan environment in Nepal, a five-year plan will be prepared and research and actions will be taken keeping in view the current situation, long-term plan, steps to be taken in waste management, etc. We would like to invite a team of Nepali and foreign experts for this work.

This program will provide plenty of inspirational photos, video, blogs and news reports that will be broadcast worldwide before, during and after the expedition. Along with promoting tourism in Nepal, our main goal is to spread the message of global warming, climate change and the need of humanity to help clean and protect mother earth.


  • To study the reality of Mount Everest, Lhotse and Nuptse mountains, research, waste management, long term planning and to ensure the damage caused by climate change.
  • To make the world focus on the destruction of the climate due to climate change and the protection of the mountains.
  • To raise public awareness for the protection of mountain environment.
  • To present Nepal’s mountain tourism to the world in a new way.
  • Under the five-year master plan, Everest, Lhotse and Nuptse alongwith other 8,000 meters and the mountains permitted by the Government of Nepal.

The real effects on the Himalaya

  • Glacier melting
  • Increment of Himalayan tourism
  • Changes in the shape of the glacier
  • Fluctuation in mountainous environment (temperature rise)

Functions to be carried out to make the mission successful:

  1. Cooperation and coordination with Nepal Government.
  2. In cooperation with Nepal Tourism Board and other national and international associations and organizations, protection of mountains including Everest and long-term policy making.
  3. The role of native and foreign climbers, local residents and supporting persons participating in the climbing team should be clearly defined and implemented in environmental protection.
  4. To build a mechanism to solve the problems encountered during the operation of the program.
  5. In order to protect the environment, the use of unnecessary materials during the ascent of mountains such as Everest

Campaign Implementation Agency

The work will be done through the Everest Summiteers Association under the suggestion, guidance and cooperation of the Government of Nepal. Organizations supporting the campaign will be accepted as supporting organizations and will be given proper place and importance.

Benefits to supporting organizatons

  • Publicity in national and international media
  • Propaganda through banners Company logo on T-shirt
  • Special arrangement for flag, logo promotion of major supporting organizations
  • Photo and video will be provided.


The first phase of the program is estimated to cost 31 million 5 thousand one hundred rupees.

Financial Resources

As the program is aimed at advancing as a national campaign, the main source of material and financial support from the Government of Nepal and other domestic and foreign organizations will be.

Division of work

To make the campaign a success, a committee will be formed under the program coordinator ship of Maya Sherpa, president of the Association.

Program Coordinator – President of Everest Summiteers Association Maya Sherpa
Coordinator –1st Vice President of Everest Summiteers Association Diwas Pokhrel
Member – Two members from Everest Summiteers Association
Member – Co-Ordinator of Financial Collection Committee Treasurer Dikki Sherpa
Member – Co-Ordinator of Publication Committee
Member – Coordinator of Program Management Committee
Member – Coordinator of Environment Protection Committee
Member – Two People from Rashtra Sevak (Government officers) employees
Member – Secretary – General Secretary of Everest Summiteers Association Shiva Bahadur Sapkota


The effects of climate change on mountains such as Everest, research, conservation measures as well as waste management. Similarly, Message of global warming, climate change and the need of humanity to help clean and protect mother earth will be continued. The ‘Himalaya Climate & Environment Protection Program’ project will be completed successfully for five years from 2023 to protect the mountains including Mount Everest.

Expense Details

  1. Permit fee: Rs. 11,25,000
  2. Tool Allowance: Rs. 56,60,000
  3. Insurance: Rs. 2,50,000
  4. Daily allowance to employees: Rs. 13,95,000
  5. Assistant allowance for carrying luggage: Rs. 14,65,000
  6. Walking expenses: Rs. 45,25,000
  7. Hiking Equipment: Rs. 30,50,000
  8. Climbing Tools: Rs. 1,11,25,000
  9. Cost of Kathmandu: Rs. 3,00,000
  10. Waste Management Expenses: Rs. 75,05,000
  11. Publicity expenses: Rs. 3,20,000
  12. Office supplies: Rs. 2,50,000
  13. Miscellaneous: Rs. 5,00,100
    Total : Rs. 3,74,70,100/-

US$ – 29,99,760.80 (@ US$1 = Rs.125)

Art of Himalaya

Artistic materials will be prepared from the materials collected from the mountains and distributed in the national and international arenas. We believe that this work will further help in environmental protection and waste management.