Support provided to earthquake victims and for reconstructing Monastry and school

20th July, 2015. After the devastating earthquake that hit Nepal on 25 April 2015 , around 300 people from 95 families of Sindhupalchowk have been seeking refuge in Fullari Monastry of Kapan, Kathmandu. Everest Summiteers Association has provided support to the victims  as they were having a hard time . The Association has provided the victims with food materials such as beaten rice, chicken soup, pulses and gas cylinders that are enough to cook food for three months.  The affected people consist of around 10 mothers in post natal phase and a considerable number of children. The Okhreni Earthquake relief committee has also been helping for the management of victims residing there. The President of Okhreni Earthquake relief committee, Nurpu Sherpa lama said, “We are very delighted with the help provided by Everest Summiteers Association and we hope that the government will also provide us with the required help. "

The Association has also provided  support of fifty thousand rupees for the reconstruction of Namdroling Monastry  of Solukhumbu.

Similarly it also provided  support of eighty thousand rupees to the principal of Manthali Higher Secondary school, Ramechhap for organizing and extending the library facilities and procurement of new books.

The restoration and rebuild program was made successful by the donation provided by UK Sherpa Association, UK and Jesus Morales, Spain.

The support was handed over in the presence of the President, Maya Sherpa; Vice-President, Diwas Pokhrel; General Secretay , Lakpa Rundu Sherpa and Members Shiva Bahadur Sapkota and Ang Kaji Sherpa of ESA.

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